Thanks for checking out my stream. I am an OK player who does his best to help the team. I have much to learn and if anyone had any tips by all means let me know.

I have been gaming since the days of Doom DeathMatch on an ISDN line. I enjoyed all the Quake games through Q3 and still jump into a Quake2 server once a month(I should stream that...). I did all of the Call of Duty up to the latest release, along with all the Battlefields...

I started playing Tonks with my son in the Spring of 2013. I played about 150 games and I enjoyed it, though looking back I can see I had no clue how to play. During that time my son received an invite to Closed Beta World of Warplanes. Sharing a love for all things planes he had me try it out and that afternoon I filled out an application and got the email to join the ranks of Beta Testers. At that time the game seemed fresh and was fun to play. Played almost 8000 battles in Planes prior to the release and another 4000+ after release. Well... The game lost its charm and I had a year's worth of premium time, over 150,000 in gold and 500,000+ Free XP just sitting there. I thought... Why not give Tonks a chance. The clan I flew with all had tanks and they said get an IS-6 and join us in some battles. Fun times...
I found that I really enjoy the game and I have tried to get better. Watching streams and YouTube videos of people who know what they are doing has helped. I play mostly upper tiers and many times I pay of the fact that I jumped past a lot of tanks to get to the tier nine and ten of various lines. Nonetheless I enjoy the games, even the beat downs... Not really.

See you on the field of battle.